Friday I'm in Love

It's Friday!  Thanks for stopping by to see what I'm digging this week.  Don't forget to pop over to the other gals' sites to see what they're loving, too: MishaKendraMary Beth, and Amanda.

ONE Pixar's Lava

Pixar has a new short coming out in June called Lava.  The preview clip has been out for a few months, but I still love re-watching it.  The film captures the love story between two Hawaiian volcanoes names Uku and Lele.  They are voiced by locals Kuana Torres Kahele and Napua Greig.


TWO: Chiara Ferragni Wink Flat

I want these Chiara Ferragni Wink Flats.  But my bank account wants the $349 more.  Since I don't live in a fictional Carrie Bradshaw world where clothing budgets are absurdly disproportionate to income, I will just pin them to my virtual closet.  And let's be real, if I'm spending that kind of money on one item, it better bear the label, Canon.

THREE: Sesame Street: House of Bricks

Sesame Street is not just for kids.  They recently released this spot-on parody of House of Cards.  It's an awesome take on the classic tale of the Three Little Pigs with the amazing accent of Frank Underwolf.  

FOUR: House of Cards season 3

Speaking of House of Cards, the new season begins streaming today!  Get your rib bib on, your class ring polished, and your e-cig charged...we've got something to watch and it isn't Raymond Tusk's birds.  

GTG...I have a date with Netflix.  See ya next Friday!