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I'm forever nostalgic for the 90s.  I miss the music, the Clueless style, the movies, the tv...  And I really miss the look of 90s guys.  I long for the days when fellas wore jeans that allowed circulation, grandpa sweaters that didn't look ridiculously hipster, and grew hair that you could actually run your fingers through.  Here are four of my favorites in four of my favorite moments.

ONE:  Jared Leto as Jordan Catalano on My So-Called Life

If you've never watched My So-Called Life, what are you waiting for?  Jared Leto will melt your heart with his dreamy blue eyes.  I'll forever be jealous of Angela Chase.  This is one of the best scenes...when Jordan publicly acknowledges his feelings for Angela.  (Basically what every girl in HS dreams about!)  Cue the Buffalo Tom.  

via  Tumblr  /video via  YouTube

via Tumblr /video via YouTube

TWO: Gavin Rossdale singing Glycerine in the rain at MTV Spring Break

If you watched MTV in the 90s, then you'll for sure remember the epic performance of Gavin Rossdale in 1996 at MTV's Spring Break. Before Bush was set to hit the stage, a thunderstorm rolled in forcing the show to almost be canceled.  Gavin Rossdale didn't want to disappoint his fans.  Risking possible electrocution, Gavin took the stage and performed Glycerine in the pouring rain.  Simply amazing.  


THREE: AJ from Empire Records

Holy moly!  Johnny Whitworth...what a dreamboat.  Literally, if he walked up to me today in the outfit he wore in Empire Records, I'd marry him on the spot (google him, he's still adorable).  I love his cardi, patchwork jeans, combat boots, pocket watch, and amazing hair.  Where was he when I was in art school?  :/  My friend Jenny and I must have rewatched this scene a million times in junior high.  So cute, so innocent.  And, again, great song in the background (<3 Gin Blossoms).   

via  Tumblr &nbsp;/ video via  YouTube

via Tumblr / video via YouTube

FOUR: Nirvana on MTV Unplugged

Kurt Cobain had such a sexy voice.  I know he had a lot of problems, but he was still an amazing artist and human being.  He advocated for pro-gay rights, vehemently opposed racism, and was an outspoken feminist.  Nirvana's performance on Unplugged is still as good as it gets.  Here's their cover of The Man Who Sold the World by David Bowie.


via YouTube


Have a killer weekend.