Friday I'm in Love

It's Friday!  Thanks for stopping by to see what I'm digging this week.  Don't forget to pop over to the other gals' sites to see what they're loving, too: MishaKendraMary Beth, and Amanda.

ONE: Coloring

From the time I could hold a crayon, I've always enjoyed coloring.  Thankfully, there are now coloring books made specifically for adults.  The pages contain intricate designs.  It's a fun way to do a little art therapy in the evening.  And if you have little ones, you can have a joint coloring sesh...a Disney coloring book for them; Mehndi Designs for you.  I colored the following with pencils and scented markers:

TWO: Reactions to SB-101

I must give credit where credit is due: way to go, Walmart (yes, Walmart), for standing up against the 'religious freedom' law in Indiana and Arkansas.  You could have taken the opposing stance or simply stayed silent, but you chose to bend the arc towards justice.  I'm also loving this quote from George Takei and this post I saw on Facebook:

I myself am a Buddhist, not a Christian. But I cannot help but think that if Christ ran a public establishment, it would be open to all, and He would be the last to refuse service to anyone. It is, simply put, the most un-Christian of notions.
— George Takei

THREE: Craft beer Cake Mix Set

I love beer in my pizza sauce, so why not in my cake?!  This Craft Beer Cake Mix Set includes four varieties with suggestions of matching beers and frosting recipes.  Speaking of which, the frostings sound awesome...bourbon vanilla buttercream, tequila lime buttercream, chocolate hazelnut buttercream (that one I could live without) and lemon & orange buttercream.  It would be a great gift a beer lover.  Or, better yet, you could bake them a beer cake for their birthday!  Cheers!


FOUR: Pac-Man on Google Maps

You can play Pac-Man on Google Maps.  Just go to, type or zoom into a location, and press the Pac-Man box!


Happy Easter!  See you next week!