Friday I'm in Love

It's Friday!  Thanks for stopping by to see what I'm digging this week.  Don't forget to pop over to the other gals' sites to see what they're loving, too: MishaKendraMary Beth, and Amanda.

ONE: Netflix documentaries

Netflix has a killer selection of streaming documentaries to choose from.  My preference falls in the historical genre, particularly the 1960s.  Over the past few months, I've watched a lot of interesting films.  Some of my favorites include Burt's Buzz, Booker's Place, Moving Midway, and Berkeley in the Sixties.

Burt's Buzz:  This is bio doc about Burt Shavitz, co-founder of Burt's Bees.  My favorite Burt quote/mantra: "A good day is when no one shows up and you don't have to go anywhere."

Moving Midway:  This film explores family roots and the complexities of the South, anchoring around the relocation of a historical NC plantation home.

Booker's Place:  This doc tells the courageous tale of an African-American waiter, Booker Wright, in an all-white Mississippi restaurant during the height of the Civil Rights movement.

Berkeley in the Sixties:  A self-explanatory title, this movie chronicles the protests that took place at UC-Berkeley in the 1960s.

TWO: Projection clock

Freshman year of college, I had this awesome clock that would project the time on the ceiling.  It was perfect for lazy, middle of the night time checks.  Nowadays, if I want to know the time, I roll over to my phone and shock my eyeballs with a blast of back-light.  Yes, I could just get a digital clock and place it across from my bed, but they tend to be disturbingly bright.  Thankfully, my mom understood my predicament and surprised me on Christmas with a new projection clock.  I love it!  It's easy to read, but doesn't blind me in the darkness.  Perfect.

THREE: Inaki Aliste Lizarralde's TV Floor plans

The other day, I was watching an old episode of Sex and the City and was suddenly confused by Carrie's apartment.  I was trying to figure out where the kitchen was located.  So, I googled "Carrie Bradshaw apartment" and voilà...I discovered wonderful illustrations by Inaki Aliste Lizarralde.  He draws detailed floor plans from TV shows.  You can buy copies at his Etsy store.

via  Etsy

via Etsy

via  Etsy

via Etsy

FOUR: property searches

At 12 years old, I discovered a new hobby: online house hunting.  My obsession back then was the multi-million dollar O'ahu estates on Choi Realty's website.  I'd spend hours looking at the pictures, imagining what it would be like to own one of those mansions.  For the last 17+ years, I've enjoyed searching for homes around the country.  My current favorite site is  They list historical properties throughout New England.  I love the ones that have crazy back stories, like, "Revolutionary-war soldier, Josiah Elliott Boone owned this home.  After the war, he opened the town's first pub and inn where George Washington and Thomas Jefferson once stayed."  (Okay, I made that one up.)  Maybe I'll live in one of those houses some day.  After all, I did end up living on O' a dorm room, not a mansion...but still, it happened.  
P.S. The listing below is Captain Pollard's Flintlock Farm.  Yes, that is genuinely what it's called.  See what I mean?  Charming.

Have an awesome weekend!  Hope you can catch one of those docs.  See ya next Friday!