Friday I'm in Love

It's Friday!  Thanks for stopping by to see what I'm digging this week.  Don't forget to pop over to the other gals' sites to see what they're loving, too: MishaKendraMary Beth, and Amanda.

ONE: The Up Series

If you're a fan of Boyhood's concept, you'll like The Up Series streaming on Netflix.  In 1964, filmmakers brought together a group of British seven-year-olds from diverse backgrounds.  An interviewer posed a variety of questions to each of the children.  Their answers offered insight into the impact that socio-economic circumstances may have on a child.  The original documentary was turned into a series with follow-up films made every seven years.

via Wikipedia

via Wikipedia


TWO: Chicago Bears & White Sox

It's no secret that the Chicago Bears and White Sox have had mediocre seasons in the past few years.  However, both teams seem to be headed for a turn around with post/off-season acquisitions.  Over at Halas Hall we have a new GM, Ryan Pace.  He's already hired an experienced head coach, John Fox, and is interviewing great prospective OCs.  Down at the Cell, a packed new line up, which includes Melky Cabrera, has fans (like moi) stoked for the new season.  Sox Fest sold out and ticket sales are already waaay up.  In the words of Fox, "That trophy is kind of lonely out there in that hallway."  Let's put the win back in Windy City!

2005 White Sox via  Chicago Now

2005 White Sox via Chicago Now

THREE:  Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

A while back, I was researching upcycling bottles into a drinking glass.  Unfortunately, most of the tutorials involved a lighter-fluid-soaked rubber band and a match to cut off the bottle's stem.  I like my eyebrows, so I passed on the pyro approach.  Recently, I saw an ad for the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter.  It's a handy device that perfectly scores your bottle.  Using the provided separation rings, you run the bottle under hot and cold water until it cleanly breaks apart.  A little sanding and you have yourself a new drinking glass.  I'd love to add some fun designs with Martha Stewart etching cream.  (I'll do a tutorial if I ever buy a Kinkajou.)

FOUR: Schitt's Creek

I'm a big fan of Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy.  Best in Show, Waiting For Guffman, and A Mighty Wind are three of my favorite movies.  This hilarious duo is teaming up for a new show called Schitt's Creek.  It premieres February 11 on Pop TV.  Holy Schitt am I excited!  (Pardon my pun.)


I hope you have a better weekend than Tom Brady (and his balls)!